EMERGENCY: 416 Fire region north of Durango

Are you trying to evacuate livestock but have no trailer?

If anyone needs horse hauling in order to evacuate, please call us at 970-264-0421 or 207-317-7565. We have a four horse trailer ready to go thanks to a very generous donation just two days ago, and we're going to pay it forward. If you need help- CALL. We will hitch up and be there.

  Donate your junk car!

Big news! We can now take CAR DONATIONS! Got a car you don't want to deal with fixing, selling, or junking? Whether it runs or not, we can help you convert your clunker to a charitable donation that supports Northstar! Just click the button to find out more!

Formerly located in Rockland, Maine, and now at our own "Forever Home" in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, we are a 501(c)(3) devoted to rehabilitating, retraining, retiring, re-having fun with, and occasionally rehoming horses. We currently have four Thoroughbred residents at our rescue, and while we have helped dozens of horses find their new homes through our work with other rescues and equine advocates, the four horses at our Colorado ranch are now permanent residents.

"Our mission is to prevent cruelty to horses, to educate the public on equine issues, and to assist or facilitate equine rescue efforts."

If you would like to adopt a horse, we can help you find a horse through our network of friends and rescues.

Our organization is run by a volunteer board of directors and an executive director. Our executive director cares for the horses and our board supervises our financials and our policies.

Ways to help: you can go to the shop page, and buy our tote bags made out of recycled grain sacks. We occasionally have other handmade items on the shop for sale, and we run auctions periodically. These sales help us enormously, and we appreciate your purchase! Just think, when you buy a bag, you are helping us to buy another one that's full of grain. And they make great gifts: when you buy one of our bags, you are directly, 100%, helping a horse.

We have a paypal account where you can make donations, too. All donations to our rescue are fully deductible to the full extent of the law. Our paypal email is mainemare@northstarhorserescue.org

Our phone number is 207-317-7565 cell, 970-264-0421 ranch.

Thank you for stopping by our website!